Who We Are (So Far)

We have a number of task teams that focus on the development of our program. Some of our people do work on multiple task teams, drawing on different skillsets they have.

Our System Designers include Po Bronson, Marcelo Rodriguez, and Jean Teather. They each have a wealth of technology and product development experience.

Our Curriculum Designers are led by Nick Lusson and Jakob Kirschenbaum, both of whom are Academy coaches at US Soccer programs, but more importantly are community-oriented individuals. Other contributing coaches include Greg Kofman, Jean Teather, and Po Bronson. Our chief trainer of goalkeeping is Marcus Lau.

Our School Outreach team includes Olga Camacho, Athletic Department at Aptos middle school, Greg Kofman, who organized Rooftop Elementary teams for years, and Marcelo Rodriguez, who helped start the Starr King Elementary soccer program.

Our Executive Services team includes Jeff Yap, who handles our accounting, and Brett Bonthron, who is the main contact for sponsors and corporate fundraising. The fantastic designs come from StoutSF. 


We need more collaborators and are open to partnerships that will grow the organization. 

your team can join today

We need Coaches. Coaches can bring their whole team or any part of their team into the club. We are especially looking for coaches who would consider coaching at the competitive level.

We need more School Outreach coordinators.


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We need Teen Ambassadors, age 12 or higher, who can be at training sessions to help and inspire younger kids.  If they need Community Service hours, we will coordinate with their high school to qualify.

We are open to Sponsors, especially in the areas of Health Care, Technology, and Apparel.  

For Fall Season 2017, we can significantly increase the team load.