Play. Not pay.

Paying thousands of dollars each year to private clubs is not the only — nor the best — option for San Francisco soccer kids.


Play. Not pay.

Paying thousands of dollars each year to private clubs is not the only — nor the best — option for San Francisco soccer kids.

Independent FC (IFC) offers club-based soccer opportunities on a donation-based model and now serves nearly 300 boys and girls.

Our goal is to give all San Francisco youth who join IFC a chance to play organized soccer at his or her true level of competition without restrictive price barriers to the game.

Who is eligible?

Independent FC is open to boys and girls ages 8-18 who reside in San Francisco or are eligible to attend San Francisco public schools. The club fields teams at recreational; local competitive, and travel leagues.

What does IFC cost?

IFC does not charge any fee to be in the Club. We ask each family to cover the “hard costs” of playing kits (about $90 every two years) and the pro-rated cost of league and tournament registrations ($160-500 per year). But for families who request financial assistance, we raise money through donations to help defray these costs. Teams play in at least the Fall and Spring seasons. Winter futsal leagues and tournaments are also be available on a team-by-team basis.

Why eliminate price barriers?

The biggest problem with youth soccer in San Francisco is segregation. Those who can afford it, play with expensive clubs that draw players from affluent families. Those who can’t afford it mostly do not play or play on underfunded teams with no professional coaching. That has to change for San Francisco soccer to rise to the highest levels. Great youth soccer requires full desegregation of the game, achieved only by eliminating all financial barriers.

What is IFC's coaching approach?

The one-coach, one-team model does not foster strong development. Independent FC's children receive training from a community of coaches including paid professional coaches, college and high-school level players who serve as assistants, and well trained volunteers (often a team parent).

How else does IFC differ from other clubs?

  • IFC is a mission-driven club intent to build a family-friendly soccer community, balancing diversity, equity and soccer excellence;

  • IFC does not contractually bind a player to the club or team, nor force a family to pay a fee in order to release a player to another club or team;

  • IFC competes on equal footing against other local clubs and teams, and, while entirely independent, also collaborates with other clubs on behalf of our players and families.

Calling all SF
soccer players

If you are new to IFC, please sign up at the link below. We are currently building new teams for the FAll 2019 season across many age groups.

IFC's goal is to build a soccer community, balancing diversity, equity and soccer excellence. Join today!

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More about IFC

More about IFC

IFC is a "donation based" soccer club open to any child regardless of ability to pay.  

IFC  is changing the pay-to-play paradigm and making club soccer accessible to more San Francisco children and youth.

IFC works in close partnership with America SCORES to create pathway for players from public schools into competitive club soccer. For more about America SCORES, school-based soccer and enrichment programs, click here.

IFC is for players from all of San Francisco!

Overview - Spring 2019

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.41.05 AM.png
  • 260 players on 18 teams

  • 84% from public schools

  • 16% from Independent Schools

  • Teams play in SYFS, SCORES, & Cal North leagues

  • Coaches are volunteers or paid staff

  • Every effort is made to make practices convenient to families