Training Gear

Kids express their budding sense of identity as a soccer player in a number of ways. They'll borrow your phone to start playing FIFA, Dream League, or Score Hero. They want a Mallory Pugh jersey or a Pogba kit, which they love to wear to practice. But increasingly they live in a city where "Who do you play for?" is answered with club training tops and club sweat jackets or hoodies. And when they don the hoodie or tee, you notice they show a little more effort in practice. They care a little more. 

At other clubs, hoodies and training tops are marked up as much as 100% for profit. Not here. Ours are printed in the Mission by a local startup, who will ship them to you, or you can come to the shop for customization. Our training top is 50/50 cotton/polyester. Our eco-smart pullover hoodie is 5% from recycled plastic bottles. It's extremely comfortable. 

The $10 training top

Half the cost of most training tops.

the $20 hoodie

Half the cost of most clubs' hoodies.


Uniforms will be available for online order soon.